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Thomas (Tom) P. Holland, MCSE, MCP+I & A+




  Tom Holland Resume Wise Package Studio MSI Packaging Engineer App-V Installshield Adminstudio




Customer focused, result orientated Engineer with extensive experience in the IT industry. Proven success in leadership roles and as an active team member. Recognized for providing quality customer focused deliverables. Broad knowledge of PC applications, desktop and network operating systems in an enterprise environment.

  • MSI Repackaging & Packaging
  • LANDesk
  • VBScript
  • WISE 3.x to 7.x Package Studio
  •  Marimba
  • WinBatch
  •  WISE Scripting
  • Zenworks
  • AutoIt
  •   InstallShield AdminStudio
  • SMS & SCCM
  • Virtual PC
  • WinInstall
  • Active Directory
  • VMWare
  • Xcellenet RemoteWare & Afaria
  • Ghost
  • App Compatibility Toolkit (ACT)
  • Regmon & Filemon
  • RapidDeploy
  • Altiris
  • Application Virtualization App-V (Softgrid)


  • Desktop Virtualization


Professional Experience


    Chesapeake Energy - Employee                                         2006 August – 2013 February
    System Engineer/Sr. Client Technologies Analyst

  • App-V application virtualization/sequencing using App-V 4.0 to 4.6 SP2 for XP, Windows 7 32bit and 64bit.
  • Installation/Configuration Flexera AdminStudio 9.5 to 11.5/InstallShield 2008 to 2012 Spring with App-V connector and batch conversion. Beta testor for Flexera products.
  • App-V edits with Gridmetric Application Virtualization Explorer.
  • Setup deployments including packages, collections and advertisements on SCCM 2007.
  • Reduced lead time for starting packaging requests from 8 weeks to less than a week.
  • Improved customer communications and customer expectations using email responses on delayed requests and a public deployment calendar.
  • Fast tracked packaging and deployment of internal developed applications to one day or less.
  • Worked with the team to change customer perception of packaging/deployment and became proactive in lieu of reactive.
  • Conversion of over 750 applications from Marimba/BMC deployment to SCCM.


    EMC/Interlink Group for Cascade Health - Contractor                        2006 March - August
    Application Packager

  • Repackage of applications using the latest FLEXnet AdminStudio version 7.5 (InstallShield). This is a lock down environment, so permissions are opened and registr keys and files/folders as needed for the application to operate.
  • Lead on the team for knowledge transfer to the client staff of Cascade Health. Added additional content to their SharePoint server and over theshoulder training for staff.
  • Fast track project with 200 applications to package and deploy. This effort replaces a previous failed effort by another contract that produced no results over a four month period.


    Kerr-McGee/Tronox - Contractor                                                        Oct 2005 - March 2006
    Application Deployment Engineer

  • Repackaging applications for chemical separation project. Reconfigure software for new domain and deployment via SMS 2003. This was a fast track project to split the infrastructure for a new company. Packaging was with Wise Package Studio and included modifying and creating new VBscripts, Wise Scripts and batch files. This was a VMware workstation environment for all captures and testing.
  • Upgrade of Wise Package Studio from version 4.62 to 6.1.
  • In addition knowledge transfer and training of staff was included.

    Capital One - Contractor                                                                      Oct 2004 - Sept 2005
    Application Deployment Engineer
  • Complete end to end application deployment including detailed repackaging documentation, design review process, customer interface, testing, creation of Marimba channel and follow-up on deployment. Applications included initial deployments and upgrades, updates and patches to existing deployments in the enterprise of 20,000 nodes in the US and UK.
  • Developed deployment of Windows XP Service Pack 2 and worked to remediate application issues with SP2 and Office 2003 deployment. Worked closely with business owners and end users.
  • Included Wise macros for quick package builds on software that had a few file changes on a frequent basis.


    National Life - Contractor                                                                           2004 Mar - Oct
    Application Deployment Consultant

  • Repackage applications with Wise Package Studio 5.1 and included validation, application isolation, debugging and user testing. Provided custom Wise scripts (wse) and VBScripts for custom actions. Also included deployment and setup of AD groups and Application Policy Management with LANDesk Management Suite 8.1 Peer support and training for staff.


    Transamerica - Contractor                                                                           2004 Feb - Mar
    Application Deployment Consultant

  • Repackage applications with Wise Package Studio 4.6 and included validation, application isolation, debugging and user testing. Provided custom Wise scripts (wse) and VBScripts for custom actions. "Go To" support to client and peers and client training on lock permissions. Builds and tests were done using VMWare. This was a return engagement to a different division of Aegon.

    LL Bean - Contractor                                                                                    2004 February
    Application Packager

  • Client requested my returned to provide msi package updates, patches and upgrades to original project.

    Spectrum Health - Consultant  Contractor                                                     2004 January
    Wise Packaging Consultant

  • Provided recommendations and staff training on best practices for repackaging applications using Wise Package Studio 5.x. Included setup and training on workbench and templates. Packages were deployed via Zenworks.

    Tyson Foods, Inc. - Contractor                                                                   2003 December
    Application Deployment Consultant

  • Repackaged thirty in-house custom applications into MSI, using WISE Package Studio 4.6 for a Win 2k and XP rollout. This project required application validation and user testing. Included training and knowledge transfer to vendor staff. Additionally custom configured Microsoft Outlook 2003 for Enterprise rollout.

    AEGON - Contractor                                                                                    2003 Oct - Nov
    Application Deployment Consultant

  • Fast Track Project with application packages tested, debugged and deployed. Locked down environment requiring registry, file and directory permissions to be opened as needed. VBScripts, WISE scripts (wse) and custom actions to provide seamless error free installs. Prepare application for SMS install and work with client to debug failures. Project included application isolation and validation. Provided "go to" support for peers and new packagers.

    LL Bean - Contractor                                                                                 2003 Mar - Sept
    Application Packager

  • Met critical scheduling goals set by the client. WISE MSI packaging of commercial and custom software for enterprise XP deployment in a locked down environment with Active Directory GPO and redirected folders. 200 plus applications and 3800 PC's.  Included debugging and working with the business owner to test the applications. Also development of custom actions, wrapper installs and special Wise scripts (wse) and VBScripts.

    Beverly Enterprises - Sr. LAN Analyst                                                             2000 - 2003
    Infrastructure Research and Development

  • MSI re-packaging using Wise Package Studio and deployment using Altiris for corporate and laptop users.
  • Developed laptop images and MSI software installs for 600 corporate desktops and 1,500 field laptops on Windows XP, 2000 and 9x platforms exceeding customer's expectation in terms of ease of use and delivery time. Deployment using Altiris.
  • Documented, monitored and corrected problems as Lead Engineer on 9 Enterprise servers NT and 2000 platforms. Reduced downtime 80% and event log errors by 75%.
  • Provided engineering support for the corporate VPN network including interface with the vendor and engineering level support for user issues. Saved over $400,000 annually compared to a previous remote dial-up system.

    Beverly Enterprises - LAN Analyst                                                                  1997 - 2000
    Advanced Support

  • Evaluated, selected and recommended Enterprise Systems Management software to manage and monitor remote Windows 2000 server networks at 600 facilities connected via VSAT (Hughes Satellite Network).
  • Developed, documented and delivered a training program for First Level Support on trouble shooting problems related to the Hughes Satellite Network which enabled problems to be resolved on a timelier basis for the end-user.
  • Provided telephone support for 600 remote facilities and 1,500 remote laptop users and proactively resolved issues.

    Independent Consultant                                                                                    1996 - 1997

  • Developed a Peer-to-Peer network and T1 connection for rural public school.
  • Trained the Library Staff on the initial exposure to and use of the Internet.
  • Provided email/connectivity testing and LAN documentation for a major corporation.

    Johnson Controls, Inc. - Application Programmer / System Administrator     1984 - 1996
    MIS Department

  • Developed, tested and delivered an "Automated Order Processing and Manufacturing System"; which included cross platform programming and system integration between diverse systems saving over $100,000 per year at a $10M per year facility.
  • Received divisional "Outstanding Employee Award," nominated for corporate "Chairman's Award," and was spokesperson at corporate "Quality Showcase" that displayed excellence in quality on a corporate level.
  • Installed and maintained a Novell 3.12 network including 50 nodes; printer setup, print servers, laser printers, plotters, CNC equipment, new users, and security. Administered backup and maintenance of mission critical systems. Also performed both software and hardware repair and maintenance.
  • Administered HP-9000 817 HP-UX system including user maintenance, terminal setup, Unix scripts, daily backup, security and hardware maintenance. Purchased and coordinated installation of system upgrades for software and hardware.
  • Maintained cc:Mail system and performed administration and user training including router connection to 10,000 mailbox corporate system on EWAN and Internet connection.
  • Administered IBM System 36 including OCL, RPG II programming, IDDU, Query, system backup and user support.
  • Implemented barcode attendance transaction system, including break/work buzzer control and automated system time update.  
  • Successfully completed an IBM System 36 to HP-9000 conversion on schedule.  
  • Served as spokesperson and leader on self-directed work team that was able to accomplish improvements and savings of over $50,000 per year.


     Technical School
  • Industrial Electronics, Oklahoma State University School of Technical Training
  • Industrial Instrumentation, Oklahoma State University School of Technical Training

    Additional Coursework and Certifications

  • Microsoft Softgrid (App-V)
  • XcelleNet RemoteWare System Administration
  • Microsoft Certified System Engineer
  • Microsoft Certified Professional + Internet
  • CompTIA A+ Certification
  • Pine Mountain Sniffer Training
  • Dell Computers Desktop Certification
  • Dell Computers Laptop Certification
  • HP-UX System Administration Training
  • Progress Programming
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